Every year Quality Private Duty Care takes the time to ask our patients what they think about their caregiver. This is what some of them had to say:

She goes out of her way to do little things to help me that she doesn’t have to do, or that others wouldn’t do.
This caregiver dedicates everything to the wellbeing and care of her patients. She has been a caregiver for several years and her whole life revolves around caring for those in her care. She has a heart of gold and her patients are the real winners in this. She makes them each feel special, which every one is to her.
Connie always enters my father’s house with a smile on her face and full of energy. She is ready to face the day to improve my father’s quality of life. Not only does she go above and beyond the duties to make his home a safe, cheerful, and comfortable place to live, she shows respect by listening to him talk and even encouraging him to talk about things that make him never want to give up.